Privacy and Terms of Service (combined)

In this document, you will find our combined and condensed privacy policy and terms of service. This document is broken down into the pieces of our services that you may use while you game with our group.


Discord Audio Bot (Fredboat, Selfhosted)

Discord Audio Bot, Terms of Service

Last modified 13th Nov, 2019

Please check back with this policy to make sure you keep up with any changes that may be made.

  1. You agree to the terms of service and privacy policy if you use the our selfhosted instance of FredBoat. Whether or not you are using it in our discord server or your own, you are bound by our terms of service and privacy policy found on this page.
  2. You accept all responsibility for all the content that you stream, this includes any copyrighted material that you may stream. Please make sure you can rightfully stream the material you stream. You are responsible.
  3. The discord audio bot is provided without any amount of service level agreement or uptime. It is hosted off of a VM that runs on a PC that does a lot of dual booting and CPU intensive task. There will be times when the bot is down or unusable.
  4. You agree to not hold us accountable for anything that may come from the use of this service. It is provided as is and up to you to use it acceptably and to assume the risk of using it to stream any material.

Discord Audio Bot, Privacy policy

FredBoat is a large open source project managed by Frederik Mikkelsen and volunteers in our spare time. We are not in the business of selling your data. Nevertheless, we need to receive and process data in order to provide our service.- Portion of the original privacy policy.
Our selfhosted instance may send data about your usage back to the main project to assist development of new features and bug fixes.

Most of the data that we receive is shared by Discord under their API terms of service. We do not share your data with others. The only data that we retain are your FredBoat preferences, as well as identification numbers referring to Discord entities like servers and users. If you want your data removed from the internal database, please get in touch with us.


Minecraft Server, Terms of Use

By logging into our Minecraft server (referred to as “the server” or “Folfy’s Hangout”), you agree to abide by all rules and conditions, and to follow directions from the staff members.


“Folfy’s Hangout”, “our server” and “the server” refer to our public Minecraft server and its wiki. They are to be treated as a single package since they compliment each other in use. Wiki is accessible at

“Staff” is defined as users on the server ranked as Mod(Moderator), Admin(Admin) and COwner(Co-Owner).

“Content” is defined as anything found or created in the world(s) running on the server as well as data created on disk by plugins and the server. Content includes player data files, player creations in the world on the server, player inventories, images loaded into the server by our staff on behalf of our players, text sent by players in the server chat or our discord and all electronic data (IP Address, Geo Location, Username(s), ban data, interaction data) saved by the server.


Our server does not encourage our player to “give back to the server” or support the server in any physical/monetary way. In the event that a player does use a feature such as clanpay or otherwise helps the server with staff approval in any way, they will not receive any changes to rank, items, permissions or effects in the server that would give the player any advantage over other players. Our staff members and the server do not accept real life donations or support in exchange for anything in the server, period.

We aim to keep our server in complete compliance with the Minecraft EULA at all times. As a result, the only form of support that we accept from our players is the time shared with them playing on the server.

Content Licensing:

All content, as defined above, may be retained, removed, or relocated at the discretion of our staff members. By joining the server, you are agreeing that all data created on the server and all content made by you on the server is to be treated as in the public domain. This means that by joining the server you are agreeing to the fact that we may make derivative works based on your works in the server, we may make the world save data open for download by the public at any time, we may create and make downloadable schematics of your works on the server and that all content created on the server is completely viewable by the public upon request. We will not under any circumstance ever sell any works created, imported or otherwise brought into the server.

Prohibited Behavior

By joining the server, you are showing that you agree to the following:

  • No player shall use or encourage others to use the server or related content for any illegal purpose.
  • No player shall impersonate any staff of the server under any circumstance.
  • No player shall make unsolicited or inappropriate offers or content. It is up to staff discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content. All offers not related to the in server world will be considered spam and treated as such.
  • No player shall harass any other player for any reason.
  • No player shall engage in any other conduct that a member of staff has deemed not acceptable for the server and its players.
  • No player is allowed to release content from the server without approval from staff. If you need or want to release content created by yourself, contact a member of staff to arrange for a schematic of your build to be made downloadable.


By logging in to the server, you are stating that you agree to hold harmless the staff of the server and players of the server from any liability resulting from your usage of the server and any usage of the content that you created or brought into the server. You are also agreeing to be responsible for any content that you may import or otherwise bring into the server.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to make all content on the server downloadable at any time that we see fit, to ban players for unacceptable actions in the server, make changes to our policies at any time and to run the server within the discretion of how our staff see fit within the limits of our policies.

Expectation of Role Play

By logging into the server, you are stating that agree and understand that you are expected to role play a vivid and living character in the server and that failure to do so could result in you being removed or banned from the server. Role play rules which are an extension of this sub-policy can be found on our wiki.

Data We Automatically Collect

By logging into our server, you are agreeing to allow us to collect the following, but not limited to, data that is generate by your client joining the server. We collect IP addresses, account names, geo locations, block interactions, block removals, block placements, griefing, command usages, chat messages, inventory data, time spent online and interactions with other players on our server. We also collection in game position data for showing player positions on an online map of the server. We use this data to help with upkeep of the server and its community. If you plan on quitting the server and not returning, you may ask staff to remove your data from the server. For privacy reasons, we do not make data such as IP address or geo location downloadable for any reason. Data is typically kept on our server for 60 days before we manually clean the database out.

Our staff retain the right to modify these terms of use and privacy policy as any time.