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** Welcome to our Minecraft wiki! **

Using the wiki you can learn about and better take part in the daily role play that
is ever ongoing on the server. Things such as server wide and town laws, economy changes,
when voting events are held and so on. There is quiet a bit going on around the server and
its players.

How is our server governed?

Laws, tax rates, economy changes and the like are controlled by player voting. Motions to change
these should take place in an organized town that features a courthouse listed on the server's
governing pages. There is also a big part of voting that all players should be concerned with, and
that is voting on a prime minister for the server. You can find more information on the government page.

How do we earn a living?

The server features an economy that allows players to buy and sell items with their fellow players.
The market is currently a free market and there are no restrictions on what items or services can
be bought and sold while playing on the server. Chest shops, auctions, businesses are all good to
operate. The server also provides a form of basic income to allow players to buy food and pay for
medical care should they fall on hard times. Under the governmental bill of “Accessible Living for All
all players on the server are entitled to at least the most basic of universal income for the purpose
of surviving.

Recognized Settlements and Towns

You don't have to live out in the wilderness and we really wish you wouldn't, but we won't stop you if
you really wish to. If you are the more livelier type of player, our server has various towns that you
can travel to, work in, visit or live. Click this page to find out more.

How does the server pay for projects such as towns?

All players on the server pay into a government tax account based on their monetary value. The players
can urge the current PM as to what they think the government should spend the tax money on. Things such
as roads, major town repairs, new towns or funding new social services all affect the tax rate. If the
government comes up short for major projects, the PM can launch a vote to raise the tax rate to bring
more funding. Likewise, if the players feel like they are being taxed to heavily, they can launch a voting
event to vote on lowering the tax rate. Tax is collected once daily.

Current Tax Schedule:
Players with $0-1500 are taxed 2.7% daily.
Players with $1501-3500 are taxed 3.6% daily.
Players with over $3500 are taxed 4.2% daily.
Admin Shops are taxing 10 percent of purchase value.
Player shop are taxing 3 percent of purchase value.
If you are performing a server provided job for your living:
You are being taxed 12 percent on your wages. This means you will not
get the full amount shown on your paystub. This is intentional.
You can view this page for more information on our taxes.

(NEW) Government Grant's and the process to apply for them!

The server's government has finally entered a state in which it can process and award grants
to our players as it sees fit for them to use on the server. Check out this page for more info.

Library of Active Bills and Laws

By going to this page, you can see a list of currently active laws and bills that have been passed.

Library of Past Bills and Laws

By going to this page, you can see a list of bills and laws that have been revoked over time.

Library of Grants Processed

By going to this page, you will see a list of granted processed and awarded to grantees.


All occurrences, happenings, rules, forms of income, etc are all imaginary and purely for the enjoyment of playing on our server. Nothing on this wiki or in the game server has any real life meaning.
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