Tartarsauce RP DayZ Server

Welcome to Tartarsauce, a parody DayZ server!

The server is live and open for players to join up and have fun. The only things left to do is finish setting up the trader and tweak the zombies a little bit.

Here at Tartarsauce, our priorities are treating our players with respect, being helpful and engaging to the community; as well as progressing the role play scene of DayZ. We are a group of players who value being interactive with our gameplay and building relationships, factions and stories to remember!

Our goal is a simple one:

Create an inclusive role playing community that allows for player to progress their own story and interact with others as they do so. If you want to play as hunter, go for it! Do you want to be a travelling trader, awesome! Do you want to PvP, go for it, its not our focus but you do you! (Just don’t over do it to point of ruining the game for others, please! This server is focused on RP after all…) Or maybe you want to be a green mountain hermit, I mean its not the most exciting…but have fun..I think? To connect download the DZSALauncher and search Tartarsauce, we look forward to seeing you in game with us! https://dayzsalauncher.com/

We look forward to meeting you in game and creating wonderful stories as the dayz go by!